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Who's Simon?

I'm a passionate foodie, TV cook, Cookery Theatre Compere and AGA demonstrator who just loves having fun in the kitchen. 


I trained as a Home Economist in Manchester and began cooking professionally as a member of the Home Economics team at Miele, the German domestic appliance manufacturer, based just outside Oxford.  I spent seven very happy years there, but got itchy feet and decided that I wanted to cook with and inspire a wider audience, so I began giving cookery demonstrations in the UK and Europe and met loads of fellow foodies along the way at exhibitions and food shows.


At the same time I was asked to cook on QVC for the first time and was immediately smitten by the shopping TV bug. So began a long and exciting career on a number of shopping channels, including Granada Shop!, eeZee TV and The Jewellery Channel.


In 2009 I returned to QVC as the regular guest presenter for their exclusive kitchenwares range, Cook's Essentials.  Since then I've spent many happy hours on air,  explaining the great products I'm using and, hopefully, passing on my knowledge to inspire you to get cooking too.  For a backstage insight into QVC and QVC recipes I've cooked on air plus a link to the QVC website, click on my QVC page.


I first cooked on the AGA and Rayburn over 25 years ago, and I still love them!  I give occasional demonstrations at AGA shops and Rayburn distributors in the southern half of the country where I demonstrate simple and delicious recipes to show how to get the best from your range cooker.  It's great to meet other AGA and Rayburn fanatics and to swap ideas and recipes!  Click on my Cooking on AGA page for dedicated recipes I've cooked at my demonstrations and for a link to the AGA website.

Why not enjoy one of my 'AGA demonstrations at home' - I'll cook on your AGA for you, your family or a group of your friends.


As an Event Compere, I host cookery theatre stages at food festivals and events throughout the UK, from a marquee in a field to The Royal Geographical Institute in London.  Corporate clients have included Tesco, Gaggenau, Kenwood, Kuhn Rikon and Magimix.

For more information, go to my Cookery Stage Compere page.


I live in the Exmoor National Park in West Somerset with my husband and my classic 1959 Armstrong Siddeley saloon.

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