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AGA Cooking

How the AGA works, my AGA recipes, and how to book me for an AGA demonstration in your own home.

The AGA is a unique and rather special British-built range cooker, and I've been an AGA-accredited demonstrator for over 20 years. 

New owner?  If you're new to AGA cooking, you may be wondering how on earth the cooker works.  Here's my simple guide to the AGA and how to get the best from it:

Recipes  Whether you're an experienced AGA cook looking for inspiration, or just getting to know your AGA, my AGA recipes are a great addition to your collection.  They're easy to follow and delicious, with instructions for conventional cooking too:

Home demonstrations:  If you prefer not to attend a live demonstration in an AGA Shop, I can offer a private demonstration on your own AGA at home.  For more information click the blue button.

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