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Chicken & Ricotta roulades (in the Cook's Essentials pressure cooker)


For the 4 litre cooker:

4 x chicken breasts

225g (8oz) Ricotta cheese

110g (4oz) spinach

Salt and pepper

4 roasted red peppers from a jar


For the 2.5 litre cooker:

2 x chicken breasts

110g (4oz) Ricotta cheese

55g (2oz) spinach

Salt and pepper

2 roasted red peppers from a jar

 How to make it...


Place each chicken breast between a folded layer of greaseproof paper and beat with a rolling pin until flattened.  In a food processor, mix together the Ricotta, spinach and seasoning until roughly chopped.  Spread the mixture over the chicken breasts then lay a roasted pepper on top.  Roll each one up like a Swiss roll and wrap tightly in foil, twisting the ends like a boiled sweet to seal.  Add 300ml (½ pt) water to the pressure cooker then place a small metal cake tin or the 4 litre pressure cooker's steamer rack into the pressure cooker and add the roulades.  Close pressure cooker and select ‘Steam’.  CLOSE valve and cook for 16 minutes.  Release pressure gradually, check that the chicken is thoroughly cooked through then serve hot or cold.

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